100 Days of Prep

Scotch Oakburn Prep students celebrated 100 days of full time education with songs, dance and a special morning tea at the Junior School on Tuesday morning.

There was a party atmosphere as parents, grandparents and family friends joined the students in activities at the Elphin Campus.

The Head of Junior School, Lachie Wright, welcomed guests to the College.

“We hope you have felt the enthusiasm for learning here at Scotch Oakburn,” he told those gathered in conneXions.

“I know you see it in the children’s classrooms on a daily basis, but perhaps you don’t so often see it in places such as conneXions, HPEC, Mary Fox Hall, the Music Centre and other areas of the campus.

“This morning was partly to give you the opportunity to see some of those areas where your children are learning as well as to see some of the things they are learning, and you would have seen how much technology is now involved in the learning as well.”

Mr Wright said that the 100 Days of Prep was a chance to celebrate a milestone in the students’ formal education with the wider College community.

“We do value very much the partnership between home and school which is so important for children’s learning,” Mr Wright added.

“So thank you not only for being here today, but for your support over the past 100 days, and no doubt many more days to come.”

Prep teacher Linda Neville cut the cake.

This is the second year that the 100 Days of Prep celebration has taken place.