The Scotch Oakburn Board of Governance, with its Building and Facilities Committee, has spent two years planning for a Centre for Science and Mathematics and home for Years 9 and 10 on the Penquite Campus.

This latest development continues the prudent investment by the College over the past decade to ensure it can rightly claim to be one of Australia’s leading schools.

quote-andy-mullerJunior School has undergone a major revamp, with old classrooms turned into new learning spaces, the addition of conneXions and the Health and Physical Activity Centre, plus the acquisition of the magnificent Claremont Gardens.

Our exceptional Middle School was purpose designed and built and the Health and Physical Education Centre and the underpass on the Penquite Campus were also key additions.

The Robert Dean Centre is a state-of-the-art learning environment for our Years 11 and 12, and the totally revamped John Morris Centre was opened in 2015.

But the reality is that the goal of being one of Australia’s leading schools is a race that never truly ends. Others keep raising the bar and learning spaces evolve. For us not to continue to invest in our facilities would be a failure to provide a best for our students of today, and tomorrow.

Right now we know that Science and Mathematics have never been more important. But our “temporary Maths rooms” from 1971 still prevail and our Science labs from yesteryear are outdated.

In addition, our Years 9 and 10 require a home that is the equal of all others in the College – be they Early Learning, Junior School, Middle School, or Years 11 and 12.


The Board made this decision because they are committed to ensuring Scotch Oakburn College is a centre of excellence, innovation and opportunity. We are striving to create a school that allows our students to excel and provide teachers with an environment where they want to be above all others.


Chris Arnott
Chair – Scotch Oakburn College Board of Governance