Principal’s Message

Scotch Oakburn is a dynamic, innovative and caring community of lifelong learners.

Scotch Oakburn offers a dynamic and extensive range of learning opportunities for young people, both in the classroom and beyond.

We work with our students at all year levels to achieve to their potential in a wide range of pursuits, in and out of the classroom. The attainment of a certain ATAR in Year 12 is a measure of academic performance and reward for consistent effort, determination and discipline; however, it alone doesn’t tell us how close each individual was to their potential. Knowing our students and the efforts they have gone to, we are proud of them all as they strive to achieve that potential and their goals.

Outstanding academic results, together with a range of subjects to cater for individual needs, are complemented by quality programs in sport, education outdoors, music, drama, debating, public speaking and many more.

Our combination of excellent teaching, the provision of a well-rounded education and the right attitude, sees our students produce consistently excellent results. 2016 was no exception. Academically, the key indicator of the level of achievement of the Year Group is the median ATAR; that is, the ATAR score that 50% of our students were at or above. This year, the cohort’s median ATAR was 89.35, meaning that 50% of our students’ achieved results that placed them in the top 10.65% of students nationally.

Other indicators of the Year Group’s performance are:

  • 21.5% of the cohort achieved an ATAR of 95+, placing them in the top 5% of students nationally;
  • 48.0% of students achieved an ATAR of 90+;

In a friendly and caring atmosphere of the College, our young men and women build lasting friendships, acquire sensitivity to the needs of others, and their special talents are nurtured and developed by high quality professional educators.

Students enter the College, either in the Early Years from age three, or at various later stages, with unlimited potential. We seek to ensure they leave with highly developed communication skills and confidence in their own abilities, fully equipped to tackle a range of possible futures ahead of them.

You are warmly invited to visit Scotch Oakburn, and I would enjoy showing you the College personally.

Andy Müller


Andy Müller BAppSc, DipEd, GradDipEd, MEd

My passion for education comes from the reward gained in helping young people to grow and develop in a very holistic sense; and that is why I love teaching at Scotch Oakburn College. Here, we are determined to develop the whole person and so provide a broad range of opportunities to enable each individual ...
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