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The Scotch Oakburn ‘Vision for Learning’

Scotch Oakburn is characterised by a unique, distinctive and evolving ´Vision for Learning´ based on educational research and experience. We teach our students to develop as:

  • inquiring and reflective thinkers
  • effective communicators
  • self-directed, well-balanced and ethical people
  • responsible citizens
  • world contributors
  • informed, lifelong learners

A Scotch Oakburn education provides:

  • caring individual support
  • a well-balanced learning experience
  • flexible boarding in a caring environment
  • professional, experienced and skilled staff
  • a commitment to excellence
  • a first-rate educational environment
  • a commitment to meeting the needs of individual students
  • excellent academic performance
  • wonderful visual and performing arts opportunities
  • outstanding sporting opportunities
  • a commitment to lifelong learning
  • an awareness of the needs of the broader community
  • valuable local and international partnerships in education
  • membership of the worldwide association of schools – the Round Square

Our Mission

To provide outstanding learning opportunities and creative challenges in a coeducational setting, encouraging and inspiring our learners to become active contributors to an ever-changing world.

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Strategic Direction 2016-2020