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Scotch Oakburn College offers before and after school care and a school holiday program open to the wider Launceston community. The stimulating, vibrant Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) program is based in the Early Learning Centre on the Elphin Campus.  Under the umbrella of the College’s Vision for Learning and  inspired by the principles of the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, children from 3 to 11 years of age enjoy the benefits of rich experiences in a program of high quality.

OSHC offers an exciting additional learning community for children.  Many friends and siblings from across the campus reconnect with each other regularly throughout the week.  Other friends join OSHC on a casual basis.  Friends from other schools join the OSHC community in holidays and lasting friendships are created.

Experiences that foster curiosities and wonderings and stimulate deep thinking through investigation and discovery are balanced with explorations of individual interest, relaxation and pleasure.  Personalised learning programs ensure children are highly motivated to pursue personal goals and engage in experiences designed specifically for them.

Before School Care provides a calm and secure environment early in the morning, where children can begin their school day with familiar friends and welcoming staff.

After School Care provides an opportunity to relax after a busy day, explore exciting experiences or focus on homework challenges.

Vacation Care offers an excellent balance of campus based and excursion experiences with great variety and of highest quality. Facilities throughout the entire Scotch Oakburn campus are available for use including the school pool, sports ovals and gymnasiums.

Other Information:

Scotch Oakburn College Vacation Care Booking Form April 2017

Scotch Oakburn College Outside School Hours Care Booking Form 2017

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Outside School Hours Care Enrolment Form 2016 – non Scotch Oakburn students

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