The Junior School programs are appropriate to each year level and build on the learning that takes place in the classroom. Students develop their skills, knowledge, and experience in terms of minimal-impact practices, bushcraft, camp cooking, camping, team work, bushwalking, canoeing, navigation, environmental awareness, and sustainable living practices.

Early Learning Centre – ‘Planting the Seed´

The ELC students are involved in a family day at the Valley Campus. Bug catching, photo hunts, damper making, creating artwork, and environmental activities are all included in a fun-filled day.

Prep – ‘Habitats´

All Prep students will be introduced to the Valley environment and be involved in tending the community vegetable garden and other environmental activities on the property.

Year 1 – ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle´

Year 1 students are involved in a one-day program at the Valley Campus. Here students are introduced to environmental issues, bushwalking skills, and team work activities. Students will also help do a clean-up around the environment they visit.

Year 2 – ‘Star Gazers´

Year 2 students participate in a one-night ‘sleep-over´ at the Elphin Campus as an introduction to the Education Outdoors program. Students undertake water testing and also study insects and other local inhabitants of the North Esk River and associated wetlands.

Year 3 – ‘A Sense of Place´

Students in Year 3 attend an overnight program at the Valley Campus introducing them to basic bushcraft, environmental activities, ponding, and animal adaptations. The evening involves storytelling and marshmallows around the community campfire.

Year 4 – ‘Forest Dwellers´

Students in Year 4 participate in a three day program at Liffey Falls in northern Tasmania, with a focus on geology and ecology of the forest environment. The program introduces students to a number of additional Education Outdoors skills including fire lighting, tent setting and simple day walk preparation. Students explore the forest environment through play, art activities, Discovery Ranger talks, investigations and guided exploration.

Year 5 – ‘Adventurers and Trekkers´

Students in Year 5 participate in a four day Education Outdoors program at the Valley Campus. The program consists of challenging day walks, low and high rope elements, bush cooking, bushcraft, environmental skills, water activities, and land care projects.