Education Outdoors in the Middle School expands and extends the challenges presented to students in previous years. The programs continue to foster skill development, experience, and knowledge with regards to the environment, sustainability, adventure, community living, and personal development.

Year 6 – ‘Adventurers & Explorers´

Year 6 students attend a challenging four day program at Narawntapu National Park on the north coast. Experiences include night-time spotlighting of native animals with Park Rangers, building rafts to travel to a campsite across the inlet, creating art installations on the beach, bushwalking, canoeing, swimming, and learning about the cultural, historical, and indigenous significance of the area. There is also a strong focus on community-living skills, camp food preparation, and remaining positive and resilient in adverse weather conditions.

Year 7 – ‘Valley Life´

Year 7 students visit the Valley Campus in the Fingal Valley for a period of five days at the start of Term One. Year 7 has many new students arriving at Scotch Oakburn College and the program concentrates on socialisation, small group activities, and adventures in their House groups. Many friendships are forged during the camp and it is an ideal way to begin the school year.

Year 8 – ‘Odyssey´

Year 8 students spend seven days at the Valley Campus and surrounding environments. The program consists of a three day bushwalking expedition, Aboriginal fieldwork, low and high rope elements, extensive land care work, campfire storytelling, and a variety of outdoor and environmental activities.