These programs take students to remote locations that offer a greater level of complexity and challenge than previous programs. It is in these remote environments that programs foster learning outcomes relating to independence, co-dependence, respect, perseverance, community living skills, increased self-reliance, resilience, and a greater understanding of our responsibilities in the world.

Year 9 – ‘Aurora´

Year 9 students all participate on a five day circuit of the Mersey Valley, traveling on mountain bikes, white water rafts, by foot, and through caves around the Mersey Valley region. All students will also spend the final day at Alum Cliffs participating in a final reflection and an Aboriginal interpretation walk.

Year 10 – ‘Pinnacle´

Year 10 students participate in a five day Education Outdoors program where they choose one of six different programs that occur in term 1 and 3. The programs include white water rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, sea kayaking, bushwalking, white water kayaking, and an environmental program at the Valley Campus.

Year 10 – Leaders Program

Selected students from Year 10 who have undertaken the leadership and peer support training program will be assistant group leaders on a variety of Education Outdoors programs. This will be an opportunity for Year 10 students to further develop leadership skills and assist younger students at Scotch Oakburn College.

TCE Outdoor Education

This off line subject will consist of bushwalking, rock climbing, and kayaking. The program will encompass 50 hours of theory and 100 hours of field experience. Upon successful completion of theory, field experience, an assessment trip, and assignments, students will be awarded and assessed accordingly to TQA and TCE frameworks.