Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School

Kate Croft BEd, TTC, GradCertEd, MEd, MACE

kate-croftAs an educator, I strive to see students reach their potential and assist them to grow and to develop into happy, well-balanced, confident young adults who can contribute positively to the world.  Guiding students to develop a love for learning,  a greater understanding of themselves and how they learn best is what I aspire to do.  I always encourage students to try different things at school, challenge themselves, take some risks and develop some lasting friendships.  It is exciting to stay connected with the College community beyond school, hearing about our Collegians, their work and career choices, travel and family is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my role!

I studied at the University of Tasmania before starting my teaching career with the Department of Education in Tasmania.  I taught for three years and then travelled extensively in Europe, USA, northern Africa and south east Asia.  During this time I lived in the UK and taught at various schools including secondary, primary and special schools in the East End of London. I also worked in hospitality, as a nanny and in the fitness industry.

On returning to Tasmania, I taught at Department of Education schools before starting at Scotch Oakburn in 1998. My first role was with a Year 4 class in Lemana. I have caught up with some of these students College reunions. I have had the great privilege and opportunity in teaching on all three campuses at Scotch Oakburn College: Junior, Middle and Senior School.

I have held a number of other leadership positions at the College including Head of Middle School, Deputy Head of Middle School, Year 8 Coordinator and Co-Curricular Coordinator at the Elphin Campus.