Year 5 Leadership

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Year 5 is the final Junior School year for Scotch Oakburn students and a major focus of the year is the development of leadership skills for all students in the cohort. Teaching and learning experiences with a specific leadership learning purpose, along with opportunities to practice new skills in and beyond the Elphin Campus, are scheduled throughout the year.

This week’s Year 5 Leadership day, led by Mr Ben Green and the Year 5 teaching team, and including a keynote session with Mr Mark Hassell (Deputy Head of Senior School), was an incredibly valuable experience for all students. Next week a group of Peer Leaders will travel to Hobart with some Year 6 students for a Tasmanian Independent Schools student leadership day.  In April another group will travel to the Young Round Square Conference in Armidale, NSW, to work with students from other Australian Round Square schools.

On campus, every Year 5 student will have a period as a Peer Leader and all will undertake a self-directed Service Project during the year. Some will have House leadership roles for inter-House activities in Terms 1, 2 and 4. Leadership support and modelling around the campus are a daily focus for all Year 5’s.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School

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