What can you do to reduce your carbon footprint? Scotch Oakburn College Planet Care Cups are now available!

Inspired by the ABC’s ‘War on Waste’ series, Year 3 students and families have consciously made changes at home to make their lives more sustainable. Our families have committed to switching off power, using beeswax wraps, composting and even keeping chickens!

Instigated by this Year 3 sustainability inquiry unit, Scotch Oakburn College Planet Care Cups are now available to purchase.

Size: 340ml/medium
Plastic: $12.99    Glass: $19.99

Order your cup/s now. Not only will you help raise awareness for the fight against disposable waste, but you will also be positively supporting the Year 3 Woodcock-Davis sustainability campaign. Any proceeds raised will help fund local and environmental ‘Planet caring’ initiatives selected by Year 3 Woodcock-Davis.


Order your Keep Cup/s now