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On Thursday eight of the Year 8 students who attended the “Discover More” Round Square conference in Thailand in April and two visiting exchange students from Radford College in Canberra, shared their learning about the Round Square Discoveries with the Year 4 students at their 2018 leadership day.

Sarah Gower ran a session on COMPASSION during which students wrote greeting cards to residents at the Fred French Aged Care home.

Kate McShane focussed on PROBLEM SOLVING with her chicken and fox riddle activity.

Ben Findlay, Lily Cleeland and Ellen Mihaljevic(exchange student from Radford College) tested student’s INQUISITIVENESS by challenging them to find clues which helped them to open a box with a surprise in it.

Sophie Chugg and Will Gray showed the Year 4s how to exercise the greatest TEAMWORK during an activity where all group members were blindfolded

Jack Briggs and Imogen Duigan helped students to practice their COMMUNICATION SKILLS as they tried to describe a word to a blindfolded member of their class without using certain words.

Cassie Silberberg and Sam Lloyd (exchange student from Radford College) used a stepping stones activity on milk crates to teach the Year 4s about TENACITY.

Students (The Explorers) were asked to reflect on their learning about each of the attributes (Discoveries) and then explain how they may apply these to their leadership of the Junior School in 2019. Scotch Oakburn’s newest group of young leaders learnt that knowledge and learning are far more powerful if you have the character skills and attributes to use that knowledge effectively in your day to day lives.

Stuart Walls
Round Square Representative