Water safety and swimming are the focus of the HPE program for all Year 1-5 students over the first 6 weeks of Term 1. Supplementing these classes, additional learn-to-swim sessions are provided for individual students on an ‘as needed’ basis and before-school sessions from 7.30am on Mondays and Wednesdays are offered for those wanting to improve their stroke techniques. For all Prep students, an introductory Water Orientation program is scheduled daily from Tuesday 5 March to Friday 8 March.

Alongside all of this, we have a short House Swimming season for all Years 3-5 students. Last Monday the House Trial sessions were held for Thistle, Oak and Willow Houses and on Wednesday 27 February the Junior School House Swimming Carnival will be held in the College pool. Spectators are most welcome to attend this event which runs from 10.00am – 3.00pm.

House meetings last week saw the appointment of Swimming Captains for this season. Congratulations to Lucy van der Aa and Nate Henrys (Oak), Isla Lifshen and Abhinav Sundaram (Thistle), Jack d’Emden and Isabella Wilson (Willow) on their leadership roles.

The swimming season will conclude with the NIJSSA inter-school carnival on Thursday 14 March.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School