When: Wednesday 20 February 2019

Where: Launceston Aquatic Centre – High Street Launceston

Program of race timesMiddle and Senior School Swimming 2019

What time: Students should be at the pool by 8.30am.  The first event is at 8.45am.  Students are asked to enter and exit through the back gates (near Memorial Hall).  The gates will be open before the carnival, however, if you are there early you may need to go in through the front entry.  All spectators are asked to enter normally through the front entrance.  On arrival, students should move to their House areas – attendance will then be taken.  Students will be dismissed at 3.30 pm (unless they are catching buses, in which case they will be dismissed earlier). Buses will use the drop-off/pick-up zone at the front of Launceston Aquatic (High Street).

What to wear:

  • School tracksuit/sports uniform
  • A plain House-coloured polo top
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Rob Jeffery
Sport Administrator