I have spoken to students and written articles previously about the research connecting the negative correlation between wellbeing, pro-social skills and connectedness to your peers and the environment, and screen-time. That is why there is to be no personal use of mobile phones during the school day. Student reception at each campus can pass on any urgent messages to students.

A phenomenon that I have only witnessed here at Scotch Oakburn, and only in the Middle and Senior Schools, is the listening to music through headphones while learning. Rather than make an uninformed conclusion, I undertook research over the recent holidays that identified a number of key findings:

1. Learning a musical instrument, including voice, improves your learning capacity. It is primarily due to activating and connecting neural pathways between the two hemispheres of the brain.

2. Listening to non-lyric, quiet music can calm us before undertaking a learning task. The ability to think clearly when working on a cognitively complex task is vital and being in a calm and relaxed mood is beneficial.

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Andy Müller