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The Round Square Discovery Framework (RSDF) characteristics of courage and self-awareness were at the forefront of the 2019 Year 5 Leadership Day.  Inspired by our guest Mr Mark Hassell (Dean of Students) and Senior students from the TCE Outdoor Leadership class, the Junior School leaders of 2019 were challenged to go outside their comfort zone and embrace the opportunities that leadership presents.

The inspiration from the question ‘What influences our choices?’ provided the thinking and problem-solving mindset for developing an understanding of teamwork. Learning to support each other creates a greater sense of confidence, a concept that is highlighted in our leadership development this year.  A great opportunity is waiting for the Year 5 students next week when they will apply this thinking and learning to their Education Outdoors experience at the Valley Campus, embracing the learning as Adventurer’s and Trekkers!

Ben Green
Junior School Round Square Coordinator