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Year 5 is an exciting year of leadership and of leadership skill development for all our Year 5 students. The final year in the Junior School sees a focus on peer role-modelling for the whole Campus, supporting younger students in school activities, and representing the College when we host visitors or in off-campus events. Round Square involvement also steps up to another level with all Year 5’s undertaking Service projects and all having the opportunity to apply for a place at interstate conferences.

Last week all Year 5 participated in an inspiring Year 5 Leadership Day, planned and coordinated by Mr Ben Green and with Mr Mark Hassell (Dean of Students) and Year 11-12 students from the Outdoor Leadership class leading key sessions.

This week the first group of Year 5 Peer Leaders were appointed. Over the course of the year, all Year 5’s will have a period as a Peer Leader. This is just one of a number of leadership roles which will enable students to put into practice some of the leadership skills they are developing.

Mary Gale, Oceana Blundstone, Lily Clark, Kai Randall, Lachlan Corp and James Walker are the first group taking on the responsibilities of Peer Leaders.

Next week all Year 5’s will be engaged in an Education Outdoors program at the Valley Campus. Leadership will be a central element of learning experiences there, along with the other Round Square IDEALS of Service, Environmental Stewardship and Adventure.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School