We all hear that stress is bad for you, but new research has called this into question. Some researchers have found that stress is bad for you only if you think it is bad for you. If you view stress in a positive way, such as thinking that it helps you get things done, keeps you on top of your game and keeps you focused, then stress can have no negative health effects. The research suggests that whether we perceive stress as something positive or negative is more important than the amount of stress in our lives.

At the last Round Square meeting, Zahara Walker Smith (Year 11) ran an interactive and informative session on stress and how to positively manage it. Students discussed their favourite ways to deal with stress, with prioritising, breaking things into smaller tasks, and keeping everything in perspective being some top techniques. Exercise, eating well, chatting with others, creating art, singing, playing an instrument, and spending time with pets were also popular choices.

The weekly Senior School Round Square meetings are held in the Don Wing Lecture Theatre on Thursday at lunchtime. Grab your lunch, bring a friend, and come and enjoy some informative and enlightening discussions.

Mark Hassell
Dean of Students