One element of the literacy program receiving particular focus across the Junior School this year is spelling. A range of strategies are being employed to guide and support students at all year levels in the development of their spelling skills. One of these strategies is promoting word-consciousness in all aspects of everyday learning.

Word consciousness is “awareness and interest in words and their meaning”.  Word consciousness is one way to motivate students to notice the spelling of words, to re-read and edit their writing, to read and build their vocabulary, and to generally build interest and enjoyment in language. Engaging opportunities to interact with words through formal spelling activities, through word puzzles and games, and while reading or writing on a daily basis provide avenues to generate word-consciousness.

This week in LIVE@Elphin students from Year 2 Robinson shared an example of a class activity they have been using to build their word consciousness. The enthusiasm of the students explaining their work captivated the audience.

Any opportunity for students to play with, or talk about, words at home as well as at school is to be seized, whether this be through specific games or puzzles or just through picking up incidental moments to comment on or talk about the spelling, or links to another word, or some other aspect of the word. Perhaps logophilia may become infectious on the Elphin Campus!

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School