A wonderful group of Scotch Oakburn Equestrian riders participated in the Pony Club State Dressage and Show Jumping Championships on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April at Westbury.

Entry into this competition is an achievement in itself and all riders who participated should be very proud of their participation.  Students who competed throughout the weekend were Abi Brooks (Year 8), Ella Nast (Year 7), Ingrid Bradley (Year 11), Daisy Willows (Year 8), Jock Johnston (Year 6), Scarlet Glover (Year 4), Iona Glover (Year 7), Jessie Grove (Year 10), Chloe McFarlane (Year 10), Bethany Hirst (Year 10), Ruby Hirst (Year 6), Tommie Glover (Year 12), Clair Russell (Year 8), Harry Furzer (Year 10), Emily Kilby (Year 10), Hannah Scott (Year 10) and Lucy Johnston (Year 5).

All riders demonstrated strong sportsmanship, competing to the best of their ability across the weekend. Selected results from the weekend consisted of:

Jessie Grove 2nd in Grade 1
Ingrid Bradley 3rd in Grade 2
Lucy Johnston 7th in Grade 3 Sub-Junior
Daisy Willows 9th in Grade 3 Junior

Show Jumping
Emily Kilby 1st in Grade 3 Championship & 4th in Grade 3 Equitation
Chloe McFarlane 2nd in Grade 1 Equitation
Tommie Glover 2nd in Grade 2 Championship
Bethany Hirst 2nd in Grade 3 Equitation
Ingrid Bradley 3rd in Grade 3 Equitation & 7th in Grade 3 Championship
Ruby Hirst 5th in Grade 2 Championship
Jock Johnston 6th in Grade 3 Championship
Jessie Grove 7th in Grade 1 Championship
Daisy Willows 10th in Grade 3 Championship
Abi Brooks 16th in Grade 3 Championship

Musical Ride
Abi Brooks and Ella Nast were in the spectacular team that came first in the musical ride. Iona Glover, Clair Russell and Scarlet Glover placed second in this event, which involves synchronised riding to music.

Tommie Glover (co-captain) in collaboration with Ingrid Bradley, Daisy Willows and Clair Russell
Equestrian Team Members