This week, in partnership with the City Mission, Scotch Oakburn ran the “Brainwaves” mental health forum for schools in the Launceston area.

The organising committee of Clare Munnings, Josh Waite, Zahara Walker Smith, Annaliese Gulliver and Chloe McCann did a fantastic job working with the team from City Mission to put together the event.

This is our third year running the forum, and it attracted over 50 students from across seven local schools. The keynote speaker was Geoff Ahern, a mental health professional from Melbourne, and his engaging and practical approach certainly resonated strongly with the attendees. During the afternoon students split into three different groups and went to three separate speakers, and then had the opportunity to regroup with their school and discuss what they learnt from the different workshops. The afternoon also provided time for putting what the students had learnt into action, with each group planning ways to improve aspects of mental health in their school.

There was a positive and energetic vibe throughout the day, and all the attendees came away excited and committed to improving mental health on their campus.

Mark Hassell
Dean of Students