The Butterfly Foundation Prevention Services Team are looking for Mothers and Fathers right across Australia to be part of Parent Reference Group to help shape the development of a new Whole of Primary School Body Image Program. We welcome expressions of interest from all ethnicities, body sizes, lifestyle choices, faiths, sexual orientation, and gender identity, from right across Australia.

You are being invited to express your interest in serving on the Parent Reference Group for the Whole of Primary School Body Image Project being developed by The Butterfly Foundation.
The Butterfly Foundation is an Australian national advocacy organisation dedicated to bringing about change to the culture, policy and practice in the prevention, treatment and support of those affected by eating disorders and negative body image (

The Whole of Primary School Body Image Project is an initiative of the Prevention Services Team and aims to provide Australian primary schools with information, policy input, resources and training to create a healthy environment in respect to body esteem, healthy eating and physical activity patterns, and acceptance of diversity in appearance.

By serving on the Parent Reference Group you will have the opportunity to contribute your knowledge and experience to assist in the development of the parent content of the program and have your say about the body image policies you want to see within Australian primary schools. The Group will be in operation until March 2020, and will be invited to attend three online meetings and provide feedback on parent materials.

Although this is a primary school program, we welcome expressions of interest from parents of an adolescent who may have developed an eating disorder during the primary school years.

For more information on the Project and to apply to be involved in the Parent Reference Group, please visit