On Thursday 4 April a group of 11 Year 8 students along with Miss Julie Kemp and Mr Clyde Goosen, travelled to Melbourne for the 2019 Australasian and East Asian Round Square Regional conference, themed ‘Gen Z Mind Shifters’.

Delegates participated in a pre-conference tour with Trinity Anglican school, experiencing activities, some that challenged our comfort zones, such as Melbourne city kayak, an MCG tour, Eureka tower and the edge experience, white water kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling, caving and a visit to the Healesville Sanctuary.

The conference, hosted by The Woodleigh School, was separated into four days with a focus on the IDEALS of Environment, Adventure and Service.

Environment day focused on activities that have a positive impact on our environment and wildlife. We heard from guest speaker Simon Griffiths from ‘Who gives a crap’. ‘Who gives a crap’ makes toilet paper out of 100% recycled materials and donates 50% of its total profits to help build toilets for the less fortunate.

Adventure day activities either pushed us out of our comfort zones or taught us about the Ideal itself.  We heard from professional sailor Sophie Ciszek who talked to us about what it means to be adventurous and what adventure means to her.

The last day was Service which allowed us to give back to others in the community, aid wildlife by assisting the local penguin population and assist the environment around us by planting trees and collecting rubbish from the beach. We later heard from Lyndon Galea who started a charity called ‘Eat Up’. This charity provides sandwiches to school children that would normally go without. We all got an opportunity to be a part of the sandwich making process and made over 2,000 cheese sandwiches.

Attending this conference has encouraged us to try new things as you never know until you try. One of the things that stood out to us was the fact that adventure doesn’t always have to be big, it can be small because everything you do is some form of adventure.

Madison Wallace and Ella Robinson
Year 8