Author and Illustrator Christina Booth visited the Year 1 learning community on Monday.  As you can see from the snippets of children’s reflections below their experience was rich, challenging and inspiring.

I was a bit nervous at first (when sketching the thylacine) but when I tried I like it.  When I finished I loved my work so much that I took it home. – Charlie

I was inspired by to be a writer.  I was interested in One Careless Night. – Clem

I was challenged by drawing the thylacine with shapes. – Diamond

Christina taught me about the thylacine, they have strong necks – Fawaz

I like Christina because I like writing. – Amelia

I was challenged by the thylacine shapes.  It was hard.  But it was fun.  – Alex

I felt so happy to see Christina Booth.  She is a very good thylacine drawer.  Thank you for reading my news.  Luca

She inspired me, how she makes books.  Bosco

I was scared to draw the thylacine.  – Holly.

The thing that was hard was the shapes that we used to draw the thylacine..-  Zaaim

I was challenged by drawing the thylacine or tassie tiger. – Lydia

Dear Christine, I was so inspired with your book so I made my own! -Isobel.

I was inspired when she read One Careless Night. -Ari

I was interested in the way Christina made the artwork on a computer. -Victoria

It made me feel happy and surprised when she taught me how to draw a thylacine.  -Michaela

I challenged myself drawing the thylacine.  It was hard but I tried my best.  I was happy because she said that everyone was good. – Bharati

Christina taught us that if we soften the lines in our sketch it makes it look alive. – Archie

Therese Wilson