This year the children in Prep Together (Biggs) have been quite concerned about the rubbish in our outdoor areas. Last week the children decided to see just how much rubbish there was on the ground in the boatyard, the oval, the rocks and the tennis courts in one week. They have since sorted the rubbish in to which bin it should go into. This is what the children had to say…

Georgina “We have too much rubbish in the boatyard”

Claire “We can do cleaning the whole school of rubbish outside; all the kids can help like Mrs Black’s and Mrs Neville’s and Mrs Robinson’s”

Lachlan “We can show the kids where the bin is near the canteen so that they can use it”

Albert “We can tell everyone to stop putting the rubbish on the floor”

Andy “We could tell everybody in our school to not put rubbish on the ground”

We very much encourage lunches to be “nude food” or rubbish free. If there is rubbish in the children’s lunches, they are encouraged to use the bin located near the canteen or put the rubbish back into their lunch to be disposed of at home.

Thank you!

Prep Together (Biggs)