Having the courage to accept responsibility is a cornerstone for all learners of all ages!  This week as I reconnect with Senior School students and their learning community, I have been “walking the talk” in regards to taking opportunities!

For all of us, as life-long learners, an aspiration is to be courageous and to accept responsibility.  Without courage, we won’t know what learnings will emerge from the experience, or what we will benefit from it.  Carol Dweck (researcher on Growth Mindsets) highlights that this ‘courage’ or growth mindset provides greater connection to learning and experiences, leading to the development of a ‘benefit mindset’.  The belief and actions embedded in this are to reward the learner to give to others first.

For our TCE students, I encourage you all to continue to take responsibility, accept the challenges and grab the feedback and learning from your Mid-Year Exams.  This attitude (growth mindset) will enable you to grow as a learner during Semester Two.

For Year 10 students, the opportunities to collaborate with your STEAM Projects has provided learning challenges.  From concept and design-based thinking to clarifying a concept ‘pitch’ to a business case.  Forecasting future learning environments, these skills will certainly be in all aspects of learning and work life.

For Year 9 students, being the best you can be every day is highlighted through your understanding of a key value, ‘Integrity”. Being aware and supportive of others is a significant part of this. During Semester Two several opportunities to develop this value will be provided both on campus and beyond.  I encourage you to have the courage to take the opportunities!

Ben Green
Acting Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School