As a proud College embracing our sporting achievements, on Saturday 29 June 2019 both Scotch Oakburn Senior Boys and Girls AFL teams won their respective SATIS State Finals.

The girls defeated Fahan School (10.14.74 to 0.1.1) and the boys successful over The Hutchins School (12.8.80 to 7.11.53).

One of the most important aspects relating to the wins was the humility shown by both Scotch Oakburn teams during the games and particularly after the game. To be a humble winner displays great character and the teams need not only to be congratulated for their performance but also for their attitude shown towards their opponents.

These performances backed up the performance of the Boys State Tennis Premiers in an extraordinary few months of Scotch Oakburn sport.

Congratulations to all our sporting teams and individuals, not just the winners, who all display a wonderful attitude and determination that help make the College what it is, embracing all facets of education.

Sport is a wonderful building exercise for everyone and there is no doubt our students experience the big picture benefits that participation brings.

Rob Jeffery
Sports Administrator