My experience during the First Aid Outdoor Skills Training conducted at the Valley Campus by Survive First Aid during the Term 2 break was an incredibly eye-opening adventure.

This was not just on a theory level, but also on an exceptionally realistic and practical level. The course was conducted in an engaging and appealing way that allowed the content delivered to be applied beyond the classroom and into the real world.

Our team of seven took turns acting as either patients or first aiders where we role-played different medical situations set up by our instructor Nathan. By using body paint and fake blood (red chocolate sauce) and the environment around us, Nathan created realistic bruising, broken and fractured bones, snake bites and burns. It was during these practical scenarios that we were able to apply the knowledge we had learned as a team to solve and treat the situations we had been given.

This course was both very informative and life-changing. Not only have I gained a greater insight into the role of a first aider, but I also feel a lot more confident in my own capabilities to help someone in need.

Samantha McFarlane
Year 11