Term 3

Term 3 is always a good term.  Spring is not far away, the days are getting longer, and the sporting finals roll around. Senior Netball season is kicking off and the rowers are back into their extremely hectic schedule.  All that as a backdrop to the core elements of learning and socialising. It is always an exciting time to be involved in the lives of these very busy boarders.

Nutrition with Milly Clark

Over the last two months, we have been working with Milly Clark, dietician, to do a review of the Boarding House menu plans.  Milly analysed 5 individual weekly menu plans (as seen on the Dash) and then provided us with several recommendations about how we could provide better options to meet the students’ nutritional needs.

Whilst Milly was complimentary of the diversity and choice the meal plans offer, claiming that almost all nutritional needs could be fulfilled if the right choices were made, she did highlight the needs of our more active students.  In particular, she highlighted the need to have more protein and carbohydrate options throughout the day, as opposed to at breakfast and dinner, as well as the need for more iron, particularly for the young women in the House whose needs are next to double that of the adolescent males.  Iron, protein and carbohydrates play an essential role in energy production, muscle recovery and the delivery of oxygen to our cells.

Milly’s observations and recommendations:

Andrew and the kitchen crew have already introduced many subtle changes to the menu, with protein and carbohydrates now available throughout the day.  Milly’s meeting with the Boarder Parents Committee also led to some adjustments to the Boarding provisions so that the students have the option to ‘grab and go’ at critical junctions in the day such as early morning sessions.

Milly was particularly interested in ensuring that we educate the students about choice, stating that this is where we will have the most impact.  Students who consider their load and make choices according to their body’s needs will be the ones with better performance, and recovery.  She addressed the entire Boarding House about the importance of choices and aligning those choices with their physical load on any given day.  On high load days, the higher percentage of the food on the plate needs to be carbohydrates, on a recovery day, protein, and on low activity days, vegetables (see the infographics below).  Milly’s style is relaxed and approachable and importantly she comes from a position of authority; she is a dietician and she is also an elite athlete having competed at the Rio Olympics in the Marathon Event.  The students took advantage of her knowledge and wisdom and asked many questions.

Our challenge as key adults in their lives is to continue that education, so they become more equipped with knowledge about what foods provide carbohydrates, iron, vitamins, protein and natural fats, and when it is best to consume them and in what proportions.  On the Boarding House Dash page are a number of infographics we have posted around the Boarding House and some links to some highly credible web pages.   Please become familiar with them and support the education of the Boarders about making good food choices.



Congratulations to our winning sporting teams.  The Senior Badminton team won the Northern SATIS title narrowly defeating Launceston Christian College 9 games to 7.  Several Boarders were integral members of the team; Alysha Carins, Tao Tang, Simon Mak, Joey Wong and Johnson Chek.  Johnson has had an outstanding year with his badminton and was instrumental in the team’s success.

The Girls 1st XVIII Football team created history by winning the State Title in Hobart, late in Term 2 comfortably beating Fahan School.  Final scores; Scotch Oakburn 10.14.74 def Fahan 0.11.  Several senior boarders were members of the team: Louise Tyson, Avalon Stones, Alex Anderson, Lily Stellmaker, and Grace Grove.  It was fantastic to see the spirit in which the girls played as well as the support they were provided from friends and family.  Well done Louise Tyson who was named Best Player for the game.

The Boys 1st XVIII Football team capped off a highly successful day at Hutchins by winning the boys’ State Title.  Clearly on display was the College’s spirit, with our College supporters being quite vocal, often outnumbering the local Hutchins crowd.  The game was quite tight, with only 2 points in it at the last change.  The last quarter was all Scotch Oakburn, with Will Harper kicking 5 goals in 8 minutes to steal the win.  Will finished with 8 goals for the game and a Best on Ground performance.  Tom Dowling, after missing last year’s final due to injury, tasted premiership success, along with Ben Spinks who was part of the squad throughout the year.  Angus Foster, whilst injured, played a role in supporting coaching staff on the sidelines throughout the year.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Emily Foster recently has been awarded the Gold Award, in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award (DoE). The DoE is an intensive 18-month program designed for young people to build their skills to equip them for life and work and to develop character.  For Emily, the award involved several components: adventure-based activities (hike into the Overland Track), service to her community (Fred French Centre), physical recreation, a project to develop skills and broaden her interest base, as well as a resident journey (leadership program in Sydney).

New Boarders

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new boarders and their families.

Anan Hemangkorn (Year 9) joins us from Thailand and loves basketball and soccer.  He is a friendly and engaging young man, who is already fitting in socially.

Ben Leung (Year 9) joined us only two weeks ago and is from Hong Kong.  Ben has played basketball back in Hong Kong at a high level and enjoys soccer.

Sam Chan (Year 10) – Sam joined us at the start of the semester from Hong Kong.   His interests include soccer and badminton.

Nick Chan (Year 9) – Nick has joined us from Hong Kong and in the process adds to his family’s history of being educated in Australia.  Nick is a dynamic young man who also loves soccer and basketball.

We are looking forward to them all engaging in the broader life of the College and developing connections and friendship with their peers.   Thank you to the ‘buddies’ in the Boarding House who have done a tremendous job of making these four feel welcome and comfortable.

Boarders Social

(click on an image to view full-screen gallery)

On Friday night the boarders hosted many of their friends for a night of dancing, singing and good times in the Mary Fox Hall.  The night opened with a welcome address from our two Boarding House Captains followed by two Grease songs, beautifully performed by Jordan Hodges (Year 11) and William Bennett (Year 11 day student).  It was really pleasing to see so many of the students getting involved and having fun, and importantly taking a few social risks.  Just being there and inviting a friend was a challenge for some, and for others having the courage to step up and sing a song or two in front of their peers was a big step.  Healthy risk-taking like this plays a part in developing character, and it is impressive to see that we have a culture in boarding that allows our students to take those risks.  Thank you to George and Avalon and their organising committee for their planning and preparation, and to all the staff and student waiters who gave up their time to support the senior boarders.  It was a fun night!

Service to others

Each week we acknowledge and honour those in the House who take the time to do acts of kindness for other people or demonstrate the values of Scotch Oakburn College.  Both Angus Foster and Louise Tyson are senior students responsible for taking the nominations and awarding the weekly winners.  It is a great opportunity to build culture but also promote and celebrate those who do small things to ensure others know that they are cared for and valued.  We have several Year 9 and Year 8 boys who recently have been absolutely outstanding in their support of new boarders and boarders who have needed a little more support.  Like any home, the Boarding House relies on positive intent, generosity and consideration of others.

Eve Williams has also modelled those values in recent months with her support of the charity event “Give me 5 for kids”.  Eve married her love of dance with service to others, when her Under 16 Dance Pointe troupe performed at the community charity event.

Hugh Loane, Louise Tyson and Sarah Edginton visited the St Georges Park area in recent weeks, to catch up with Kristy from the Strike it Out organisation.  Hugh, Louise and Sarah took time out to catch up with Kristy to see the work she does with homeless people in the Launceston region.  In the upcoming Year 11 Leadership retreat, we will discuss the idea of finding a project in which the boarders can reach out to the community and support those who are less fortunate.  We aim to explore the following question: “what responsibilities sit with those that are wealthy and privileged compared to those who are less fortunate?”   Hopefully, a relationship with organisations like Strike it Out will emerge as the senior students grapple with the question of privilege and responsibility.

Refurbishment of Kate Perrin Dining Hall

Over the last four weeks the College’s contracted painters have been actively making good of the issues created by the installation of the fire system, and then continued with a refurbishment of the dining hall.  Whilst it has been disruptive at times, the staff and students have been flexible and we now have a dining hall that looks fresh, tidy and bright.


Bo Power
Head of Boarding