Sharing a love of literature across the year levels was the idea behind many Book Week events occurring across the Junior School this week. Connecting with the theme, Reading is my Superpower, many students reflected how reading is an integral and enjoyable part of their lives – wherever they are on the reading journey.

Monday was a big day for Year 5 students as they participated in a full day of workshops, focusing on the current Year 5 project with Tasmanian author, Julie Hunt, and Sydney illustrator, Dale Newman. This is an exciting 6-week online literacy project is based around their award-winning graphic novel, KidGlovz.  More information on the project can be found here on our Dash page.

Early Learning students enthusiastically participated in a variety of Book Week activities this week, dressing up as favourite book characters for an Elphin Reading Time in conneXions with parents and joining together across all Early Learning classes for small group workshops with author, Sally Sutton. Flying in from New Zealand, Sally was a very special guest for our youngest audience, reading her award-winning picture books, RoadWorks, Construction and Demolition to a sea of faces dressed in workers gear and hard hats.

Sally also spent time with Prep, year 1 and Year 2 students talking about the writing process and building narratives, including orientation, complication and resolution. Sally explained, “every story needs a problem” and “I start with a flat, one-dimensional character (flat balloon) and I blow imagination into them to create a character.” Sally shared her inspiration behind the creation if her MiniWings characters and how each story has interesting characters and problems to solve along the way. Students were left with pearls of knowledge to apply to their own writing. We thank Sally for her time. You can find out more about Sally on our Dash page here.