BookWeek started early for some of our Junior School students on Thursday when Christina Booth, a semi-regular artist in residence, visited our College. Year 3 and 4 students followed on from classroom learning and delved deeper into Christina’s newest picture book, One Careless Night.  Christina created this beautiful, but heartbreaking picture book to tell the story of Australia’s last thylacine (Tasmanian tiger), which died in captivity in Hobart Zoo. By sharing this story of extinction with the world, Christina hopes readers will think about how humans can learn from the past to inform the future – extinction is forever. We finished with a drawing workshop and students created these wonderful Thylacine sketches with Christina’s guidance.

Christina also presented to Year 1 and 2 students but this time, Christina linked with the current Year 2 Narrative writing focus with a writing workshop. Using Mary Fox Hall in a totally new way, students built upon classroom writing in a shared workshop. By using picture stimulus images and ‘waking up the right side of our brains’ we brainstormed and asked ourselves questions (Who? What? Where? When? and most importantly, Why?) to develop some story ideas. Christina talked about how a story is like a seed; it needs to grow and change, discarding its outer layers and developing over time. Students were excited to take their writing back to their learning environments and revisit their brainstorming, asking more questions to construct further story ideas.

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Kylie Brewster
21st Century Technologies