Last year I was fortunate to go to India on a Round Square Conference which was a very humbling experience. As a part of this, there was a service day. My group visited a village where we helped paint a new school building. The building was very basic, with four small walls and no furniture.  What I saw shocked me. The level of abject poverty I saw with my own eyes made me feel eternally grateful for my life. It also made me feel depleted as I couldn’t do anything real to help.  We were also privileged to have a guest speaker, Mr Swarmy. He and his wife had created a charity to provide education for underprivileged children. These two experiences struck a chord and I started to think about raising money for Mr Swarmy’s charity: Purkal Youth Development Society (PYDS). The perfect opportunity to do this was through my IY8 project.

My IY8 project is based on the IDEALS of Service, Internationalism and Adventure. I started out thinking my IY8 would be about service and internationalism; raising money for an Indian charity. The adventure has been writing an almost 14,000-word book for children aged 8-12, getting a tax file number and ABN and learning about crowdfunding. Crowdfunding requires people pledging money for a reward (in this case my book) and this money going to a cause nominated in the crowd-funding appeal. Please help me achieve my goal of raising a $1000 by purchasing a book at

Chloe Davis
Year 8