Year 2 Ballard students shared some insights into their learning at this week’s LIVE@Elphin. This extract from their script, shared with the Year 2-5 audience and parents and staff in attendance, highlights the parallel nature of contemporary learning for learners of all ages  – as we are learning and understanding content, we are also focusing on learning to become better learners.

Ida: The guiding question in our classroom at the moment is ‘How are things connected?’

Clarice: We have been exploring this question in many ways and have discovered that lots of our learning is connected by the skills you need to learn.

Ellie: In our classroom when we are learning we use a split-screen to understand what we are learning about and what we are learning to do, which is our skills.

Hannah: Behind me is what our split-screen looks like. On one side, it tells us what we are learning about and on the other, we write the skill we are focusing on.

Aimee: We think there are 5 big skills to being a good learner. They are:

Hamish:  Being a communicator, Being a collaborator, Being a thinker, Being a researcher and explorer, Being a self-regulator

With this introduction, the students then went on to demonstrate the application of these skills in examples of their class literacy and numeracy learning – in person through their public speaking skills as well as on-screen via their information technology skills.

LIVE@Elphin is a forum for the development of all the skills exemplified in 2 Ballard’s LIVE this week. The previous day Prep Biggs students led LIVE@Elphin for a Prep – Year 1 audience, demonstrating similar skills at an earlier stage of development.

Parents and families are most welcome to join us for LIVE@Elphin. The Prep-Year 1 LIVE is held fortnightly on Wednesday mornings, while Year 2-5 LIVE is weekly on Thursday mornings.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School