On Saturday 24 August, our 10 robotics teams travelled to Hobart for the State RoboCup On-Stage event after months of preparation.

Our students were outstanding, taking out nearly all of the top 10 placings (out of 20 teams from around the State).

All teams were interviewed and scored by experts, whereby students explained their robot and programming and presented their journal which documented their learning process.

The teams performed twice, with the best score combined with their interview score to give their final result.


1st – The Greatest Show (Harriet McQuestin, Madeleine McLarty, Imogen Hughes, Chloe Horsman and Isla Irani)

Equal 2nd – The Pokedudes (Hudson Bonham, Preston Toh, Josh Mulford, Arlo Lancaster and Cy Eberle)

Equal 2nd Space – Woman on the Moon (Elise Kwong, Namaha Palle, Eva Shaw, Abigail Dracup and Rosemary Griffin)

4th – Bird in a Band (Charlie Corrigan, Alex Musk, Isaac Dhanaraj, Sam Allen and Gomanth Anand Lokesh)

5th – Charlotte’s Web (Olivia McLeod, Esme Dell, Anabelle Sanzaro and Lily Murdoch)


The Greatest Show team also won Best in Class, as well as the Innovation Award for their exceptional programming.

A big thank you to the parental support throughout, and especially on the day.

Marissa Saville, Naomie O’Loughlin and Andy Prideaux
Robotics Teachers