23 Year 6 students have participated in Write a Book in a Day to raise money for The Kids Cancer Project.

Students spent 12 hours at school, planning, writing and illustrating and publishing the books they created. The students were split into four teams, each containing five to six people with different skill sets in illustrating and writing. Each team was given five different parameters they had to include in their book: two human characters, one non-human character, a setting and an issue. Every team was also given the same five random words that needed to be included somewhere in their story.

The first hour was spent planning and assigning roles which, was the most important part of the day. The first draft was due by midday and it was a mad rush to meet the deadline but after that, it was smooth sailing and the finished book was due by 8.00pm. We all really enjoyed the day and would recommend it to future Year 6 students.

Thank you to everyone who helped organise the day, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Alex Purchase and Elise Kingston
Year 6