In the past few weeks, Year 7 students have worked on an integrated unit, exploring the French comic “Astérix the Gladiator”. The famous little Gaul is a character created by French writers and drawers Goscinny and Uderzo.

In English, students have studied the structure of the book and worked on the comic aspects; in Humanities, they have discovered more about the Ancient Rome civilisation; in French class, students have discovered parts of the book in French and worked with recognizing the words and their Latin forms. In other subjects (science, Chinese, French, English), teachers have asked students to create comics illustrating a topic recently learnt in class.

As seen in the image above of students of French displaying their works, there were some great artistic and IT skills used.

The unit was a great example of 21st-century education where students learn to transfer skills into different subjects and tasks. Scotch Oakburn continues to develop and implement interdisciplinary programs to help students think about their learning as a whole. Joining the dots between disciplines and working as teams is important for our students as they prepare for a future that is constantly changing and where boundaries will tend to disappear.

Fabrice Dauchez