Five Middle School students bravely took part in this year’s Junior Foundation Oratory as a chance to practise their public speaking skills and they did a sterling job!  Held in the Horton Auditorium on Friday, 30 August, Year 7 students Maya Martin and Eliza Chapman and Year 8’s Hamish Fyffe, Amelie Hughes and Sasha Yuvchenko faced a large audience of staff and students to speak on current issues they felt passionate about.  Adjudicators had a difficult task but eventually chose Amelie Hughes to be the winner.

Many thanks to our adjudicators: Mrs Helen Dosser, Chloe McCann (Year 11) and Jack Oates Pryor (Year 10) for their input and to the many senior school students in our public speaking team who mentored the participants.

This year’s Junior Foundation Oratory was dedicated to Mrs Jenny Fraser for her outstanding contributions to public speaking both here at school as a former teacher, statewide and nationally.

We now look forward to the Senior Foundation Oratory on Monday 23 September.

Katie Lester
Peron-in-Charge of Public Speaking