[images: Isabelle Wynwood]

As one of their practical experiences for the TCE Outdoor Leadership course, the class undertook a two-day, overnight trip to Derby, north-east of Launceston.

The students have been studying human-nature relationships and Derby provides a striking example of how the same area has been viewed and treated very differently by Aboriginal people, tin miners, loggers, farmers, and now mountain bikers. To bring their theoretical learning to life, students undertook practical activities such as fossicking for gemstones, mountain biking, an Indigenous session with a local Elder, a visit to the tin museum, solo time in the forest, and a visit to the Blue Derby Pods to learn about environmentally sensitive design. The trip allowed students to relate first-hand as to how and why people perceived and treated the land very differently over time, and to learn about sustainable ways to treat the land into the future.

Mark Hassell
Dean of Students