This year Prep Black, as part of Prep Ubuntu, have considered an African phrase. ‘I am because we are.’

Through many conversations, the children have deepened their understanding of what it means to work together in order to achieve more.

Year 5 have had a focus on participating in a Round Square Project, with an emphasis on the ‘Service’ IDEAL throughout Term 3 and across the year with the aim to raise awareness of community needs and supporting these through action.

Working together, the two “Buddy” classes decided to come together to support Bella’s (Year 5) and Jossie’s (Prep) Service Project.

Jossie’s grandparents emigrated from South Africa in the early eighties and set up an orphanage for children in need. This is Jinda, a non-profit organisation children’s home and care centre.

Prep and Year 5 students have spent time together creating unique gift boxes to give to children at Jinda this Christmas. We wish to thank our College community for the kind donations of gifts which we were able to place in the boxes.

Renee (Jossie’s mum) visited us today to collect these gifts, which will be delivered to Jinda Orphanage in South Africa these coming school holidays, in time for Christmas!

Louise Black and Hannah Lee