On Tuesday evening the College hosted its Spring Concert in the Horton Auditorium. The night was full of brilliant performances from students across the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.  Hosted by the College’s Captains of Music Anneliese Gulliver and Quinn O’Loughlin, the audience was treated to a wonderfully diverse and entertaining evening of music by our talented students.  Whether they be in choirs, bands or orchestras, all students should be very proud of their efforts leading up to and at the concert.

A concert of this nature and calibre could not happen without the support and guidance of the College’s Music staff, Mrs Judy Bordin, Mrs Clare Corban-Banks, Mr Jamon Dingemanse, Ms Kylie Long, Mr Spike Mason, Mr Conor O’Brien, Dr John Ralph, Ms Denise Sam and Mr Andrew Sulzberger.  Once again Ms Katie Hill, the College’s Performing Arts Centre’s Co-Ordinator, and ably assisted by Stage Manager Jonty Darcy (Year 11) provide technical assistance with sound and lighting.

Stephen King
Head of Visual and Performing Arts