The young worms we call “Eric” at the worm farm in the Junior School are creating some amazing by-products at the moment. The Junior School students and the Boarding House kitchen are currently diverting 15kg of food waste each day out of our general waste system. The team of “Eric’s” are creating approx 3 litres of worm wee each day that some of our Year 5 students are bottling. The Year 5 students are getting ready to distribute these during the Sustainability Pop-Up Day, Wednesday 25 September from 12.00pm till 2.00pm. This event will celebrate and share some of the amazing work that is happening in Year 3 classrooms as they learn about practical approaches to create a more sustainable community.

Some of the activities that will be available on this day include;

  • Creating tealight candle holders from plastic spoons
  • Looking at plastic breakdown in the soil
  • Indigenous plants and animals across 50,000 years
  • Plastic bag knitting
  • Sustainable suburbs and cities. Students will build lego cycleways that connect various parts of the community together.
  • Plant Stall – Seeds and plants in pots for sale
  • Produce Swap Stall
  • Nude food lunch stall cycle  1. Shopping, 2. Unpacking  3. Making-Beeswax wraps. 4. Demonstrate how to create a nude food lunchbox a variety of lunchboxes.
  • Making a Nude Food Lunchbox recipe book

There will also be some short, inspiring TED-style talks on a range of topics that include;

  • How to shop plastic-free
  • Where Australia’s waste is going?
  • Plastic in oceans
  • Plastic in polar regions
  • Our Canteen
  • Removal of Bins
  • Worm Farm
  • What was happening to Australia’s waste when it was sent to Asia
  • Creating a Nude Food Lunch Box

We will be joined at the Pop Up Day by other members of the community who are instrumental in helping educate people about sustainability through practical hands-on learning. These presenters will include the Launceston City Council and Plastic Free Launceston. If you have connections in the local community who would like to share their active learning in helping to create changes in sustainability behaviour we’d love to invite them along.

Please contact me if there are any individuals or organisations that you think might add to our Pop Up Day.

Congratulations to the entire Junior School and Boarding House teams for their efforts to combat waste coming into the College and helping reduce greenhouse gases with our reduction in food waste going to landfill.

To help recognise and celebrate the achievements we have made so far this year we have invited Keep Australia Beautiful to come and look at our initiatives and assess the College for a Keep Australia Beautiful sustainability award next Monday. Fingers crossed to see how we go!!

A Climate Leaders Conference is being held all day on Tuesday 17 September at West Launceston Primary School and the College will be represented by a number of our Senior School students. It would be wonderful to have some passionate Junior School representatives join the team as well. Please contact me via email if you are interested. Please see the flyer on our Sustainability Dash Page (files section) for more information.

Mark Munnings
Director of Education Outdoors and Sustainability