Today students from the Elphin and Penquite campuses created a ‘sustainability pop-up’ at the senior school. Students gave short talks on a range of sustainability issues, Clare Munnings and Lucy Chesterman provided some great music, and a range of sustainable products was on display. Here are some great tips from Year 3 student Grace Watters for reducing our day-to-day plastic use:

1. When you go to the store take a reusable bag with you

2. Choose foods which are in recyclable or biodegradable packaging

3. Did you know that lots of fruits come in their own packaging? Why put nearly all fruits in a plastic bag? They have their own natural packaging.

4. Use bulk bins more often such as cereals, nuts and pretzels.

5. If you are shopping in the supermarket, use scoop and weigh. Forget about the plastic bag use the mushroom brown paper bag instead. You won’t get into trouble.

6. There are shops in Launceston that are bulk food shops and don’t use any plastic bags. Why not try shopping there?

7. Grow your own vegetables and fruit and you don’t even have to go near a supermarket.

8. Cook at home with the fruit and veg that you have grown in your garden. Forget about take-away in a plastic container.

9. Bake biscuits and cakes at home instead of buying them in plastic packaging at the shops.

10. Most importantly, remember to make a shopping list. Being organised means not getting the wrong things.

Mark Hassell
Dean of Students