Year 5 students, led by 5 Cullen, challenged us all to consider the question, ‘What acts of service will you do today?’ as the focus of their Connect@Elphin this week.

The Round Square Ideal of ‘Service’ is embedded in much of everyday school learning experiences for all Scotch Oakburn students but is also a particular focus for Year 5 each year. Every Year 5 student, whether individually, in a pair or in a small group, undertakes a planned Service Project under the mentorship of their class teachers and Mr Ben Green who coordinates learning through the Round Square Discovery Framework in the Junior School.

Starting with the Chinese proverb ‘ If you want happiness for an hour take a nap, if you want happiness for a day go fishing, if you want happiness for a year inherit a fortune, if you want happiness for a lifetime help someone else’, the Year 5’s gave their views on just what service means to them. They then shared examples of their current projects to demonstrate ‘service in action.’

Highway rubbish clean-ups, helping at a community dog shelter, running lunchtime activities for younger students at school, cooking for Vinnies, sustainability projects and cleaning jobs at school are a sample of these.

The development of a Benefit Mindset ( has become an increasingly considered and focused strand of personal development learning in contemporary education. Round Square and the Year 5 Service Projects provide one vehicle for our students to build their Benefit Mindset.

Lachie Wright
Head of Middle School