Throughout the end of Term 2 and start of Term 3, Year 6 conducted their own science investigations. This process required us to write a scientific report on a topic of our choosing. Students worked by themselves or in pairs to come up with a question/aim to investigate by following the scientific method.

These investigations were displayed on project boards that we designed to present our results. The projects studied a huge range of topics and were required to cover a variety of aspects.

Mr Ian Britcliffe and Ms Kyla Thorp judged our investigations, thirteen of which were selected to go into a Science Competition at UTAS, 5 September. This involved taking our projects to the UTAS Inveresk campus with students from a range of other schools. We stood with tour investigations and were interviewed and assessed by the many judges.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day at UTAS and enjoyed seeing other investigations, interacting with other students and asking them questions, and we all had a new experience with Science.

We enjoyed conducting our investigations and learnt many new skills. We were introduced to using the scientific method and discovered the range of aspects required to make a successful investigation while having a lot of fun and learning a heap.

Congratulations to Sasi Palmer, Chelsea Rees and Layla Dyson-Oliver, who received invitations to the awards night on Wednesday 11 September. Acknowledgements to Elise Kingston, Iona Hamilton, Mia Green and Molly Crosby, who all received prizes. Thank you to Ms Thorp who helped the Year 6 students create their boards and conduct their investigations.

Chloe Robins
Year 6