On Tuesday 17 September, a team of Scotch Oakburn students from Junior, Middle and Senior School made their way to West Launceston Primary School to attend the second Climate Leaders Conference for 2019. Students and teachers from Deloraine High School, Scottsdale High School, St Patricks College and West Launceston Primary School, along with many ‘mentors’ including Toby Thorpe (all experts in Climate Change and contributing factors) and TV personality Costa Georgiadis came together to discuss the effects of climate change, report sustainability projects they’d attempted, achieved and /or failed at their schools and inspired each other to further climate action.

Each school presented a short summary of initiatives, programs and projects their school had undertaken since the last Climate Conference. Discussions included the successes of new bin systems implemented in their schoolyard, a raffle initiative which acted as a reward system for sustainable acts, the use of eco-bricks to build a veggie garden and the recycling of old school chairs by sending them to lower socio-economic countries. Students and teachers also discussed setbacks they faced whilst attempting to increase sustainability in their schools such as economic challenges, staffing challenges, disinterest from peers & staff and difficult discussions with Business Managers and Principals. Collectively, all the attendees of the conference congratulated and offered constructive feedback to each school’s presentation, encouraging them to keep working towards their goals.

It was a fabulous opportunity for our students to share the projects they had implemented in the past year such as a worm farm, compost system, a reduction in general waste bins, a nude food canteen and many other sustainability initiatives whilst also being inspired to try out some of the projects that other schools shared. All students were very inspired and motivated to play their part in mitigating climate change by the conclusion of the day.

Greta Brown and Lucinda Ashman
Year 11 & Year 7 Students