Thank you to all families who have been able to attend recent events to support their children’s learning or have helped their children prepare for specific activities.  These include the Year 2 and Year 3 overnight Education Outdoors Programs, 2020 Parent Information Meetings, Year 4-5 Instrumental Concerts, Prep and Year 1 Sports Morning, Walk to School Day, Prep Learn-to-Swim program, Year 5 Grandparents and Friends Day and more!

Next week brings the Year 3 Bike Education Program, two more Instrumental Concerts in Laneway, an Elphin Campus Open Day and 2020 Orientation Day for Year 5s moving to the Middle School. The final weeks of the school year will bring a number of celebratory events across all year levels.

These events are really just the tip of the iceberg in a very dynamic daily learning environment inside and beyond classrooms. An extremely important benefit of all this is the organisational skill learning and growing sense of personal responsibility and independence that students at all levels from Early Learning to Year 5 are developing. Time management and personal belongings-equipment management are essential skills underpinning academic learning and the guidance, support with and teaching of, these skills is a constant thread running throughout the school day as well as at home. When the home-school partnership is on the same page with this, learning and wellbeing are optimised, not only for the present but importantly for the future. Well-known education researcher Guy Claxton has been quoted saying that ‘school is about helping students to learn more, to learn better, and particularly to become better learners.’

Families wanting additional information on school activities at any time are most welcome to contact class teachers or the Junior School reception as required.

Lachie Wright
Head of Junior School