Our Mission is to provide the opportunity for all students to maximise their potential, with the notion of potential being unique for each student. It follows that students’ skills in the area of Literacy will also be unique and, nurtured correctly, will allow them to pursue their interests and dreams.

Even though Literacy is the responsibility of all teachers, 12 months ago the College took the step of appointing a Literacy Coordinator to lead a group of colleagues who up until that point were working with all students across Prep to Year 5 to assist with their Literacy development. The Coordinator was appointed to bring synergy and continuity to the teaching and learning of Literacy by the Literacy teachers working with the classroom teachers and utilising a range of strategies that best meet the needs of the students at the particular stage of their Literacy development.

We want all of our students to have a love of books and of reading, and to gain confidence in creating their own literary works. It starts with modelling of reading by the adults in our young people’s lives and is built on during their schooling. However, for some students, the development of these skills is extremely difficult and for these students, working with them to help bring their skills up to speed, as well as determining ways for them to access their learning and show their understanding, is vital.

By focusing on Literacy students grow their confidence in a range of associated areas: reading and writing, their love of literature, their ability to access their learning, and express their thoughts and ideas verbally as well as in written form. One only need observe a LIVE@Elphin to witness the ability of our students to present in front of their peers and family to appreciate the confidence our students have. I can still remember ‘freezing’ on stage in a Year 4 play and am constantly amazed by the poise our students show in public speaking. All of the aforementioned examples reflect the numerous ways that our students’ Literacy learning is on track and in so doing providing them with the skills needed to maximise their potential.

Andy Müller