Vision 2035 Update

Scotch Oakburn College’s current ‘Strategic Plan 2016-2020’ concludes in December of next year and consequently, the College Executive, supported by the Board of Directors, are in the process of developing the next strategic plan: Vision 2035.

This is a plan that will ambitiously span 15 years, an endeavour in keeping with the demands of the rapidly changing world in which our students will be adults. Educational research, staff professional development and workplace projections and forecasts all point strongly towards the need for a longer-term strategic plan as we provide for our Early Learning students right through to our current Year 12s. We are determined to do this plan justice, consult widely and involve our community throughout as a school’s strategic plan guides the educational programs and structures that will evolve over time to prepare our students for their future.

In August, the College commenced the public consultation phase of the process. The survey that was sent out electronically to all members of our community produced a large amount of data and valuable written feedback. Since then, the College Executive has spent considerable time respecting the efforts of all responders and doing due diligence in analysing all feedback, collating the elements that naturally align, and then marrying it against our research into the future of education.

Over the October holiday period, the Executive gathered for two externally facilitated days to identify overarching themes that the significant volume of data we’d collected, sat under.

From this process, we settled on four ‘strands’ of the future strategic vision. These strands are:

• Your Learning: student, staff and parent;
• Wellbeing: student and staff;
• Community: students, families, Collegians, past parents, Uniting Church in Australia, Round Square, external organisations and industry;
• Sustainability: social, environmental and financial.

Using our research and your feedback, the College is now working to create a draft of Vision 2035 by early 2020. At that stage we will commence our second consultation phase, where we will hold community forums on each strand to hear your thoughts and for you to test the College’s thinking and rationale behind Vision 2035.

At the conclusion of that consultation phase, we will be in a position to review all feedback and refine Vision 2035 in order to have it finalised by the second half of 2020 and launched by the end of the year.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued enthusiasm and involvement with this project. We are fortunate indeed to have a community of great intellect and experience upon which to draw, and I look forward to working together with you all to create a strategic plan that is robust, relevant and visionary.

Andy Müller