As part of Leadership Day, our Year 4 students learned about tenacity, character and building leadership skills with explorer Doug Grubert. For a person who describes himself as local, boring and anonymous, Doug’s infectious personality had the students transfixed with stories of his sailing expeditions to Antarctica. Doug discussed strategies we could use when confronted with a setback or obstacle and posed scenarios that were easily relatable for the students.  During the afternoon, a series of challenges were presented that required students to work as a team using problem solving and perseverance. Through these challenges, students learned that tenacity is:

“Pushing through your comfort zone” – Alex Musk

“It’s like when you get a stitch and still keep going” – Isaac Dhanaraj

“It’s making the best of what you’ve got and not wishing you had something else” – Elizabeth Moore

“It’s like having the chance to cheat and not doing it” – Miya Springer

“It depends on the task but you could break it up into sections and do them one at a time” – Annabel Sanzaro

Students learned how important it is to start with a passion for developing tenacity and enhancing their personal character traits.  We look forward to seeing these students enter Year 5 as future young leaders.

Ben Green
Deputy Head of Junior School