Year 11 students Zahara Walker Smith and Ethan Hamilton travelled to Brisbane to attend the National Evatt final as a part of the Tasmanian delegation.

The event sees the top 30 debating teams from around the country come together. Preliminary debates included topics on issues such as Kashmir, multilateralism, Boko Haram in the Chad river basin and issues about eco-terrorism. The judges spent a day deliberating to determine which teams from each chamber would progress to the final day of debates in the grand final.

We asked Ethan about the grand final experience. He said “All the Tasmanian teams made it to the grand final which was exciting and after a late night of research we were tired but proud to have even made it to the grand final. After a long day of debates and an even longer wait while the judges deliberated it was finally announced that Tasmania had won the best delegation overall and that Zahara and I had won the best team overall in our chambers of debate.”

We congratulate Zahara and Ethan on a fantastic achievement.

Katie Lester
Person-in-Charge of Debating